Every time a cash drawer flings open, a bankster gets more bling to blow on yachts, puffin on hydroponic blunts, straight rollin…holdin hands with the devil herself…and still I bought this Fiji water for two fifty retail in a non-reusable plastic bottle and threw it away for convenience’s sake…so hell, can I really blame anybody else but myself for the way this world revolves around gross profit sales?

I’d love to blame it on the ca-ca-ca-ca-ca-capitalism, got me feelin lose with my eight hundred dollar paychecks…love to blame it on the student loans that got me in this deficit zone…but I can’t…not if I’m standing up, not if I’m deciding to be a man in this world of grown children, not since I have no plan to sit back down like some castrated wage slave…disillusioned…pacified all night all day with mindless entertainment…huddled away in some hi-def surround sound cave…soul pollution…left…

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