Generational Warfare

Off the Top o' My Head

In an Esquire piece called “War Against Youth,” David Marche claims that Baby Boomers and older GenXers are robbing and undermining GenY. According to Marche, the federal government spends $480 billion on Medicare, but only $68 billion on education; $62 billion on drugs, but only $8 billion for Head Start. He cites a 2009 Brookings Institution study to state that the federal government spends seven times as much, per capita, on the elderly as on children.

I had no idea that older generations are sucking the wealth out of younger generations. You can’t say that older generations did anything for the younger generations. Sure we raised them, but what did we really do for them? Not much, considering that the average child only cost his or parents a quarter of a million to raise. If parents were not so selfish they would spend a lot more on their children. My…

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