It’s Time To Wake Up Humans!

Radical Thoughts for Global Peace and Abundance

The alarm has been going off for a while now, but nobody seems to be paying attention. The world is in chaos and it is a chaos largely of our own making… directly or indirectly.

We’ve got financial systems threatening to collapse in the U.S and all over Europe, political protests against oppressive governments in the Middle East, protests against the 1% who have all the financial power and influence over much of the world, not to mention threats of terrorism on a global scale, the increasing # of natural disasters putting more stress on already stressed-out economies, the threat of nuclear warfare by Iran against the U.S and Israel, erratic and more intense weather patterns, the increased rate of melting ice caps (whether you believe in global warming or not, there’s no denying we are in the midst of a climate change and need to address it), mass unemployment…

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