Help put a banker in jail

Bill Downe CEO of BMO is next.

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If you had stolen a can of beer in last summer’s riots last year, got caught, you would now be serving a prison sentence.

Has a single banker been charged for rigging the market, otherwise known as fraud?

We all know the answer, and it is no.

Is spiv banker Bob Diamond facing criminal charges?

Bob Diamond has so far milked Barclays to the tune of £100 million. He is due to walk away from Barclays with £2 million in his pocket. No wonder when he appeared before the Treasury Select Committee he kept saying how much he loved Barclays. He had 100 million reasons to love Barclays.

One pound invested in Barclays when Bob Diamond took over is now worth 30 pence.

The banks are too big. They have to be broken into smaller banks. Casino banking has to be separated from retail banking. Then if a bank fails…

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