‘A Cesspit’: Libor Scandal May be Going on Elsewhere!

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  • At the heart of the Illuminati’s power is their global economic, financial and monetary hegemony. The financial hegemony is controlled out of London. Wall Street, New York is but a subsidiary and take instructions from the City of London ie. the Rothschild Satanic bloodline. It is via their privately owned Illuminist central banking cartel that they draw their immense power. With it, they manipulate interest rates, financial markets, commodity markets, financed wars, attack countries, cause famine, destroy countries economically …etc.
  • The Iluminists know that their financial system is fracturing. It is collapsing on many fronts and they are being exposed. They will make use of the coming global collapse to further their agenda for a Luciferian World Government and New World Financial Order.

    ‘A cesspit’: Libor scandal may be going on elsewhere! 
    By James Kirkup, and Angela Monaghan, http://www.telegraph.co.uk/ 
    The market for determining one of the…

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