Supply, Demand, and the Systemic Problems of Business Journalism

Karen K. Ho

On Saturday, April 28, 2012, I attended a panel on business journalism at the CAJ National Conference in Toronto. There were a lot of complaints about problems in the Canadian finance industry, what journalists were doing wrong, and what everyone was missing due to the constraints of time, staffing and lack of access. There was a lot of yelling. When it came time for questions, I found myself yelling back.

Some of my arguments:

People, especially young people, aren’t really interested in business reporting.
FALSE. Interest in finance is everywhere. It’s on the cover of The Grid. Everyone is talking about debt from credit cardsstudent loans and ballooning mortgages. A generation of young people are facing the possibility of never being able to own a home due to astronomical pricesGail Vaz-Oxlade is practically omni-present. A recent Maisonneuve cover feature on the 

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