Organized Crime by the Usual Suspects

Blue Scholar Blog

These gangsters, I mean banksters must be stopped.  Skank of America, JPWhoring Chase, Shittygroup, Wells Fucko and Ally Financial appear to be reaching a settlement with Uncle Sam which will allow them to get away with illegal foreclosure practices.

The above mentioned banks have been embroiled in the robo-signing scandal for over a year.  Allegedly these financial institutions falsified affidavits by approving foreclosures without proper review.  Meanwhile hard working Americans have been put out on the street illegally.

The Nation describes robo-signing this way “Robo-signing is when banks use fake signatures, or stipulate to documents they hadn’t read or that didn’t exist, in order to foreclose on a home.”

As I have written about  in my articles Police gone wild, Rampant Police Misconduct, New York cops behaving badly,NYPD Public Enemy #1 and CMPD aka Charlotte’s secret police the authorities have been heavy handed when it comes to policing their citizens. This begs…

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