Secrets at the Bank of Fraud-U-All

As the 2012 elections approach there are bound to be some vilification of opposing sides. This post aims to provide a brief how-to for politicians or even a banker in desperate need of a spin job. The hardest thing for any banker or politician is coming up with the story. The story can be made up yourself or pay someone else to do it. Politicians often are too busy raising campaign money to make the story up on their own. So most of the time you see politicians endorsing a message or story that is purchased.

Okay so now you have decided to buy your vilification campaign, but from who? If paying 25,000 a month to DKC is too much there are many other PR firms that can be of assistance. At this stage in the spin job any politician or banker wants to appear Pro-active. It could expedite your spin job if you have off-record meetings with others managing the campaign. An example message might be to “protect top management”, which can be further accomplished if you leak your goals to various media outlets such as the Canadian press. One infamous example is the Bank of Montreal in 2007, immediately after the bankster Bill Downe became the president of BMO, during the March 1st 2007 election.